Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hamlet: Week One Recap

"Shake It Up After School" returns again to Lowell Elementary. This time we have William Shakespeare's Hamlet on our minds. The first week was an exiting mixture of name games and auditioning. The kids did educational activities to get them familiar with the text of Hamlet and to get them into their acting modes. They worked on projection making sure to be loud, without yelling. They also read lines and made sure to act out what was being read. We had fun playing a mixed-up-story-telling game, called "Die" to get them to work on their improv skills and their exaggerated dying skills. Overall it was a fantastic week and each and every kid worked hard to make sure to learn and be creative. We have found some great actors for this play and we finalized our cast on Thursday. These kids really do have so much talent. William Shakespeare would be so proud!

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