Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue."

As we headed into our second week the kids were eager to continue their acting journeys. This week was all about learning the play, so they could understand each scene individually. This also helps to give them a better overall understanding of how each scene and each character (from players to trees to soldiers) is important to Hamlet as a whole. We had fun discussing new vocabulary such as "Wormwood" and "dumb show" and interacting with the text. We learned how to become creepy trees and courtly gentlemen in a way that will without-a-doubt impress our audience. As we step into week three (only four weeks left!) we will begin "blocking" the scenes and memorization of lines. Now that we have a better understanding of Shakespeare's masterpiece we will begin to create a masterpiece of our own!

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